Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday!

While I haven't been blogging as much recently, I have still been reading & 5 on Friday is such a fun treat that I wanted to join along!

It's Friday, I am wearing my new $6 skirt from Target, & I have coffee. What a wonderful combination!
This time next week, we will be in San Diego & I can.not.wait. Best part of vacation is eating out (besides the family time & making memories stuff, of course). I can not wait to eat at some at our favorites & try a couple new places as well!
Big Brother starts next week. WAHOO! BB is one of our favorite summer shows.
My firm is celebrating their one year anniversary tomorrow night so I get a date night with this guy. I am so excited!  
Most all, I am super excited to hang with these people. After our chores are all done, you will find us at the pool this weekend. I can't wait!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Momma got a J-O-B.

I just finished up my 3rd week of work this week. I started this post my first week but haven't had a chance to finish it. So, here goes. 

Last Monday, I got a text from a friend who is a paralegal saying that her firm was looking for a marketing assistant. She wanted to know if I was interested & if I was, was it ok if they called me.


The phone call happened about 5 minutes later & a get-to-know-you kinda chat ensued. They really wanted to meet  me in person so they asked if I could come in the next day at 11.


We meet, both parties liked each other, job offer was extended & accepted. 


Never, have I ever, had a job situation happened so quickly. See, I have been looking at going back to work for the last year or so. I have gotten really far in the process & then it didn't work out for one reason or another. Through the entire year, my prayer was for God to put me where He wanted me. I knew that He had a plan & wouldn't leave me high & dry. My heart had been softened to the idea of going back to work & I knew He had a reason & plan behind that. 

There are a lot of pluses of me going back to work & a lot of things that make me sad. The biggest one is that I am missing summer vacation when Addy is home & I was really looking forward to that. But with me working, we are able to afford a vacation we might not have been able to for her birthday. 

Working is not unlike any other hard thing in life. There are pros & cons, pluses & minuses. A big pro? I LOVE MY JOB. I really, really do. I am working in a field that I have NO experience in so I am learning new things all the time. My new official title is Communications Director & that covers a huge spectrum of things. There is so much to learn but I am really loving it!

My first day of work outfit! I felt like it was the first day of school.

I found a ladybug in my salad the first week. Ladybugs are good luck, right?

The law firm as expanded a ton recently so my office is the conference room for right now. Not to shabby - I have windows!

Work is 52 miles away from my house. This is what I look like dealing with Scottsdale/Phoenix traffic. Blech.

I have been reunited with my hot rollers because a) I must look somewhat presentable for work & b) I love sleep and hot rollers help with both. 

What's wrong with Katie's face? WHO KNOWS.

I am walking the road as a working mom so when I see things like this, it just makes me laugh because first thing that pops into my head? Cry It Out Awards. They weren't talking about those.

It's a learning process. Trying to figure it out as I go. 

Extremely blessed & thankful for the opportunity to be a momma to my monkey faces & have a job I truly enjoy. God is GOOD!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Addy's Talent Show!

Tuesday morning, Addison was in her school's Talent Show!  She did such a good job! She wanted to do a dance that her & her friends made up at lunch recess but I gently suggested that she play the piano instead.  I know, I killed her dreams of matching jean jackets. One of the choreographed moves was Addy throwing her hands up in the air & falling back so her two friends could catch her.

Um, yah. Piano seems a bit safer, yes?

She has been taking lessons since August & has done really well with it. I love hearing her play! 

She looks straight up MAD in this picture, doesn't she? I think she was nervous - she was #21 in the list of kids to perform. She had to wait a lonnnnggg time to play & I think her nerves got to her a bit.

Jason recorded it on his phone!

Despite being nervous, she did a GREAT job! 

She had an extra special cheering crowd. Her "aunties" came to see her play!

Great job, little lady! We are so proud of you!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend! Jason & the kiddos went above & beyond to make sure that I had a nice  weekend. 

Saturday was spent doing a little housework & then we went to the pool at the gym. 

We went to church Saturday night to see Jackson (My BFF's little guy) get dedicated & really enjoyed the Mother's Day service. After church, we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory. Yum!

Fun in the sun + church + late dinner = These kids were ZONKED on the way home!

I pulled this out of my baby album to show my mom.  Vintage Katie right there!

 Bonus of going to church on Saturday night? Sleeping in on Sunday morning! I was awoken to breakfast in bed with sweet cards & this beauty, a whipped cream donut from Fresh Donuts! YUM!

We headed back to the gym for some more pool time & then indulged in some In-N-Out. 

Sunday evening, we headed down to my grandparents farm to celebrate all the mama's in the family. 

Mom with 5 of her 6 kiddos. We included a space in honor of my brother Jeremy who is working in CO! Yep, we are nerds. 

It really was such a great weekend. Jason did an awesome job of making me feel pampered!  

I am so blessed to call these little munchkins mine. I love getting to be their momma!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Snaps from the Weekend.

 We are in collective agreement that weekends go by way too fast, right? Good. 

Addison had a field trip to the AZ Science Center on Friday & her handsome daddy chaperoned her. I got this picture during the day & it made my heart happy! 

After the field trip, Jason left to go to the PVC Men's Retreat. We missed him tons but I was super excited he got to go. 

The kiddos & I went out to dinner at Red Lobster which was delicious. Drew fell in love with the cheddar biscuits because a) they are delicious & b) he is my son & we love carbs.

On our way home, I snapped this picture of the sunset in our neighborhood. I really love AZ sunsets!

I don't like sleeping without Jason. I kept freaking myself out. Watching Dateline probably didn't help. 

We were awoken bright & early (5am :/) with the tummy bug. Poor Addy got sick all morning which was not fun at all. 

She may not believe in Santa anymore (yep, that conversation happened this week.) but she still wants her momma when her tummy hurts. 

I have a habit of lining my lips in the bathroom & then filling them in the car. My lipstick is usually in my purse & its easier that way. Yesterday, I drove myself & the kiddos to church (Jason was already there) & I was tempted to just leave it. I could bring back The Kim, couldn't I?

Just kidding, I am actually deathly afraid that I will forget especially since I was by myself yesterday. Could you imagine walking into church like that? Ha!

After church, our neighborhood had a community picnic. It was so much fun!

Drew & Bryn ended up winning the egg toss! It was more of an egg roll (ha!) in their case but they still won!

The local fire fighters came up & showed all the kiddos their ladder truck. Drew was in HEAVEN! He wants to be a "fire fidder" when he grows up. 

Addison loved the truck too! 

I hope you hade a great weekend!

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's A Snoop Dog? #awesomezona

A few months ago, Sam mentioned that her husband would be coming to AZ for a work related event & she was going to come along. To say I was excited was a huge understatement. She has become my bud through blogging, twitter, & (of course) Instagram. Having a chance to hang with her IRL was just too much!

After having some major snafus in getting here (FOR SHAME, SOUTHWEST), she arrived Friday afternoon sans her luggage. I was shooting a wedding close to where she was staying so we devised a quick plan to pick her up as soon as I was done & head to Target. See, something we planned to do together while she was here was to run Pat's Run. Kinda hard to do with no running shoes or gear, right? I was NOT going to let Sam come all the way to AZ & then not get to run together. Proper running attire was procured & Pat's Run was a go!

Yay! Finally meeting & heading to Target because Target is the best in the whole wide world. 

I woke up early & headed back to the East Valley to pick Sam up & head to ASU so we could run. 

Once we got to our corral, we waited & waited for all the other corrals to go before us. This was the first time I ran where there were this many people so the corral thing was new to me!

Once we started running, we ran together for about the first mile & then I told Sam to go ahead. After finishing the race & using the power of Twitter, we reunited. (Sam ran with her iPod, not her phone so finding each other was a tad tricky.)

Loved seeing this flag on my run. 

My best cheering squad came to meet me after the race. I was so happy to see them & their cute daddy.

Once we were all reunited, we headed to Chick-fil-A because Sam hadn't had it yet while in AZ. Uh, Chicken Mini's were calling my NAME.

Sunday, Sam came out to Palm Valley with us & then we hit up Paradise Bakery where she confirmed what I had suspected for a long time. Paradise Bakery = Panera Bread. I have heard many a blogger/tweeter rave about Panera Bread & I have feel slightly jipped that we don't have it. Well, yah, we do - only it's called Paradise Bakery. Mm, oatmeal raisin cookies.

Anyways, after PB, we went to the gym for a light workout & then pool time! YAY!

For dinner, we meet up with Sam's husband & went to In-N-Out where Sam tried animal fries for the very first time.


We headed to Tempe Marketplace only to quickly realize that all the shops closed at 6 since it was Sunday. Wahh Wahhhh. Froyo was open though. Whoop!

Drew was not shy about stealing Ms. Sam's froyo. 

Monday was morning Chick-fil-A & pool time. Monday night, we met up at a local run shop to run a 5k in honor of the victims killed in the Boston bombing. 

Jason ran his first 5k that night! Way to go, babe!

So proud of this little lady. She ran her first 5k as well!! 

Leo, our friend from church, came as well. So fun to get to run with all these people. We all run different speeds & finished at different times but it is still fun knowing we are all doing it. 

After the race, we took Sam & B to Macayo's for some mexican food. It was sad to have to say goodbye. Sam started as a blogging bud that has turned into an actual friend. One I talk to most every day! 

It was so much fun having you in AZ, Ms. Sam! You & your sweet husband are welcome back in the Valley of the Sun anytime! Next time, I may not let you leave though!

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