Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Snack Day/Date Night

Once a month, every child in Addison's class is in charge of bringing a snack. Today was her day so I made Krispy Apple Treats! I love how they turned out! You can find the recipe here. I love the idea of making them orange and look pumpkin-y. Cute for fall!!

Addy with all her treats! She was so excited to take these to school today! :]

I snapped this right after I took Addy's picture. Drew is walking EVERYWHERE now! I need to load the videos off my Flip cam. He will be running SOON! Ahh!

Addy starts tee-ball tonight so she needed cleats and a glove. We had planned to go after Jason got home from work but Drew is teething and a total crank butt so I suggested Addy & Jason go on a Daddy/Daughter date . Addison was SO excited to go on a date with her Daddy! They got her baseball gear and then her sweet Daddy took her for dessert. I think it is so important they get to spend time together, just the two of them!

Drew and I missed them a lot (it was so quiet without them!) but we had some snuggle time while watching Biggest Loser!

Oh, and I have brown hair now. I had some pretty skanktastic roots going on so I decided to just dye it the color of my roots. I was SO nervous but I really like the way it came out. Every time I see myself in the mirror, I do a double take! Haha!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mom & Dad's birthday party!

Sunday night we had a party to celebrate my parents birthdays. My Dad's is Sept. 17th and my mom's was the 27th! They are only 10 days apart. Cool, huh? Also they were born in the same hospital by the same doctor! My grandma's can remember seeing each other in the grocery store parking lot (they bowled together so they knew each other before) and congratulating each other on their new babies! So neat!

Anyways, I offered to bring dessert and I made these apple cheesecake bars. Oh my goodness, they were so yummy! You can find the recipe here!

I also made sandwich cookies which are SO easy! You just bake chocolate chips cookies (I used the mini ones) and let them cool. Once they are cool enough, you put a little vanilla frosting between the 2 and make a cookie! The kids loved these!

We needed one more hot dish so I also made Paula Deen's corn casserole. I hadn't had this since I was first pregnant with Drew. It was the only I wanted to eat for like the first 3 weeks of being preganat! It is SO good. I mean, c'mon, what's not good coming from Paula Deen?!

Me and my Momma.

My parents and 4 of their 6 kids. My sister couldn't make it and my other brother had left!

Haha, this picture crack me up. We are very serious family, can't you tell?!

I love how my oldest brother Jeremy is just smirking. He knows we are all goons. :]

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up!

Friday night was Bunco night and my childhood bff, Maureen, came with me! It was so much fun to have her here there to play!!

I heard on Twitter that pumpkin donuts were back at Dunkin Donuts so the fam bam loaded up early Saturday morning and headed to the closest DD. Nothing says fall like a pumpkin donut, yumm! Well, we were not the only people craving pumpkin donuts because the line was to the door. It was INSANE! My dreams of savoring a pumpkin donuts inside DD were quickly crushed when I saw that line. BumMER! We loaded the kiddos up and drove through the drive thru and got our fix! They were still yummy even though we ate them in the car!

I'm not sure why Addy looks like she was crying? She wasn't, I promise! They both LOVED the donuts!

After we hit up the good ol' DD, we went to see if Old Navy had any good deals. Their clearance was and additional 50% so things were super cheap. Great day to hit up Old Navy!

Addy & I being silly with the glasses. :]

I got 3 shirts, a pair of sunglasses for me, and a pair for Jason for 11 bucks!

This morning, we went back to Palm Valley Church. We hadn't been since I was pregnant with Drew and it was such a blessing to be back. I felt such joy being there! I can't wait for next Sunday.

My babies before church! Drew wouldn't smile. :[

My handsome boys!Me and my babies before church!

We went to a birthday party for my parents tonight and we had a really nice time. I will post pictures and recipes tomorrow!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Random thoughts.

I am so happy it is Thursday! It felt cool as I loaded the kiddos to take Addy to school this am. Made me so happy!

My bff & I are running our first 5k on October 10th. It is the Race for the Cure and I am super excited! We met at the gym this am to get a run in together since she has the day off. This song came on my iPod and had I forgotten how much I love it. Do anyone of you have a song that instantly makes your eyes well up and your knees go weak? This song does it for me. I love, love, LOVE it. I almost did the Hallelujah Hands on the treadmill. That would have been a sight, huh?

After the gym, Drew and I ran to Target (again! I have been there every day this week. Oh darn.) because we needed milk and coffee creamer. I found this necklace on clearance for $10 bucks! The price tag said it was originally $40!! Wahoo! Love when that happens. :]

I ordered these 2 books of off Amazon today. I can NOT wait for them to get here!

Jason had the flu bug yesterday that we all had last week. Thank goodness he is feeling better! That bug was ROUGH! I am off to go clean and disinfect everything that didn't get done yesterday.

Happy Thursday! :]

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last day of SUMMER!

Thank goodness today is the last day of SUMMER! Today's high was 100 and very sticky! Uck. I am ready for some cool weather!! Tomorrow's high is only 96, I believe. Wahooo, haha!

Since it was so sticky and hot, I took Addison for a cold treat after I picked her up from school. See how hot she was? Poor baby! Cooler weather, HURRY UP! I asked for a bite of her McFlurry and she said"Hmm, we'll have to see about that." Lil' stinker! For the record, she shared. :]

Also, do you know that Taio Cruz song, "Dynamite"? When Drew hears it, he waves his hands in the air just like the words say! I have been trying to get it on video whenever he does it and I finally got it this afternoon. It was taken with my BB so it's not very good quality, sorry!


Me and my lil' cuties are SOOOO happy to welcome FALL tomorrow! YAY! Hope you all had a great day!

I'm back.

Well, hello there.

I am back. I never went anywhere, I guess, I have always been here but I am back to blogging. :] I got really lazy about blogging over the last NINE months and honestly, it breaks my heart. We have had such a fun year and a million pictures to go along with the memories we have made but I wish I had the stories written down. So, today is the day that I am back at it! I want to have a scrapbook for our life. I don't care if anybody even reads, (I mean I LOVE it if anybody does! :]) I just want to be able to remember the little things that happen just as well and the big things!

Here are some pictures from Drew's first bday back in July!

I am back, baby!

I am back, baby! :]
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