Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Caaahrazy Week Catch Up!

Well hello there! I keep promising myself that I will be better at posting but this time of year is just plain nutso for me. Bear with me - sporadic posting equals lots of pictures!

So lets see..what has happened lately?

My best friend got married!

We had a girls night full of sushi & fun a few nights before the big day!

Her big day was so much fun! We got our makeup done which was SO much fun! I had never had my makeup professionally done. I loved it - I asked the girl if she wanted to move in & do my makeup every day but no dice. So sad!

The bridesmaids getting ready to line up. 
My dress had pockets in it! I was able to have my iPhone with me so I could snap pictures during the reception. 

Mr. & Mrs. Hammett!

My sister & I at the reception

My homecoming date from 2001! We were recreating our pose. You can't see but I was popping my foot up just like I did all those years back then in our picture. I loved getting to see JP - he is such a fun guy!

Maureen & some of her 'maids!

My bff! So, SO happy for her! Such a fun night!

Sunday morning we woke up & headed to church. Addy made this is in her Sunday School class & I loved it. It says "Don't freck (freak) out God is with you!" Love that little girl. 

Sunday evening we had our family pictures taken & I can not wait to see them! After our pictures, we went to Old Spaghetti Factory down town for an early birthday dinner. 

Spaghetti with brown butter & mizithra cheese. 
Oh lawdy, she is a thing of beauty. I love, love, love this pasta dish. I always get the "hearty helping" so I can eat it for a few meals!

Monday was my 27th birthday! My sweet husband let me sleep in & even took the day off to hang out with me. I love spending time with that man. 

We headed to lunch because I wanted some In-N-Out animal style french fries. Holy smokes, these things are so amazing. Have you ever had them? They start with french fries, add cheese, grilled onions, & their secret sauce. Ah-mazing!!

And since I clearly love food, why stop there with the food pictures? We got a delish cookie cake from Paradise Bakery to top of my birthday evening. 

Today has consisted of watching the Biebs on The Today Show...Addy made a heart with her hands every time he came on. Ha! 

We also made Pioneer Woman's Monkey Muffins for breakfast. These were a hit! Super easy & SO good! I am making them for breakfast tomorrow. And maybe the next day.

We also deep cleaned Addison's room today. I think my 6 year old may be a hoarder. New room rule - for everything you bring in, something must leave. Papers, books, toys, clothes - anything! Too much STUFF. I can breathe a little easier when I walk in her room now. Whew!

And this little guy...

Well, he is just plain adorable. 

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. I am so excited to get to watch the parade, eat yummy food (naturally), & just spend time with the people I love.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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