Friday, October 28, 2011

PostalPix & Postagram!

Hi, my name is Katie & I am addicted to taking pictures. 

But if you have read this blog for more than 2 seconds, you knew that - right? :]

I, along with a lot of you, use my iPhone to take a lot of day to day, random pictures. I usually run them through instagram to give them a different look but editing them that way turns them into a square. As you know, printing a square picture into 4x6 will be wonky looking. 

I love my instagram pictures so I was super excited when I found out about PostalPix. It's an app that lets you upload your instagram pictures. They print them off as a square & mail them back to you!

I did these in the car on our way back from California & they arrived in just a few days!

I put my phone next to them so you can see the size. 

The other cool app I found is Postagram. The great thing about this app is that it works with iPhones & Droids!


Basically, you upload a picture, fill out what you want your post card to say, & they mail it off for you!
Best part? The whole thing is only 99 cents!

The picture is laminated as well as perforated so it can pop out!

 Wanna a free Postagram? Click here to sign up!

And, I would like to take this moment to say...


My 2 week old little Drew boy rep' the Red Bird Pride.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What I am Lovin' Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday! I woke up this morning & thought it was Saturday. My bed was so comfy & it was cool & dark in our room. I was sad when I realized it was only Wednesday. Boo.

But, hey, Wednesdays are great because I get to tell you what I am loving! 

The Hunger Game Trilogy 

Have you read these books? I have become obsessed! I am reading Mockingjay & I can not wait to finish it. I literally read any second I can & my house may be proof of that right now.  They are just so good! I can't wait for the movie to come out & am sad I have to wait until March 2012.

New measuring spoons

The sister-in-laws in my family threw another sister-in-law a baby shower this last weekend. It was so nice to get to celebrate her & my new little nephew! My sweet sister-in-law gave us hostess gives & she gave me these spoons I have wanted forever! I don't even remember mentioning that I liked them to her but she made a mental note & got them for me. How sweet is that? 

Mylo Xyloto

I downloaded Coldplay's new CD & I really love it. I have always been kind of indifferent towards Coldplay but I heard them on the Today Show & I loved the song Paradise. 

I have to say, the while album is pretty fantastic. 

You Don't Know Jacques!

I picked up this polish over the weekend & I am loving it! Great fall color! You can order it for 2 bucks off of Amazon! I will have to check them out before I buy my next color. I paid like 8 bucks at Beauty Brands!

Happy Wednesday! 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Abenture Day.

This past Sunday, we went to the Pumpkin Patch. 

We picked out our favorite gourds. 

We drove the tractor. 

We measured our height 

and took silly pictures. 

We smiled - a lot

and took more silly pictures. 

Kiddos rode the train while I got 

to steal a few moments with my boyfriend. 

Daddy took the kiddos on the rickety carousel. 

We went through the "corn" maze...not much corn in the field, farmer said the birds ate it this year.

We played in the leaves and 

took jumping pictures because that's what we do.

We admired the pretty trees & autumn leaves.

We filled our bellies & played hangman.

We burned off some steam by playing in the courthouse park.

We dipped our own candles. Angel for her & dino for him.

We drove by my Papa's childhood home.

And we may have stopped here since it just opened last week. Happy early birthday to momma!

All in all, we had fun.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Break Recap!

Wanna see what we did over Fall Break?

Start with Disney & then head over to San Diego

San Diego - Fall Break '11

We packed up the room & headed south to San Diego.

 Our friends the Nunez's were vacationing in Oceanside so they asked if we wanted to meet up for dinner so we parked at their condo & walked out to Ruby's on the pier. 

Addison & her bud, Isaac, & Drew man! 

They loved getting to walk out on the pier. As we were heading out there, the fog rolled in & it was so thick. It was kinda spooky but we loved it. 

We had a great dinner with the Nunez's - lots of fun eating & laughing. The kids get a long so well & it makes hanging out so fun! Since the weather the next day was going to be warm, we made plans to meet up & have a beach day at Coronado.

We said our goodbyes & headed down to San Diego to our hotel. We stayed at the Sheraton on Harbor Island for our first night. (We stayed at 2 different hotels in San Diego since we quickly decided to go down Tuesday afternoon.) We liked our hotel a lot & the kids loved our view!

This was we woke up to - not too shabby! 

We checked out of the hotel & headed out to Coronado for our beach day! 

We had a blast playing on the beach & soaking up the California sun. It was perfect weather!

We were all hungry after being in the sun so went to our favorite San Diego spot, El Indio! You know we couldn't be in San Diego & not eat there! It is a family favorite, for sure. It was fun to get to introduce the Nunez fam to it. I am dreaming of some mordiditas right now! 

With full bellies, we headed to check into our other hotel. See that pic of me up there? The one with no make up, wind ratted hair, and salt sticky skin? Yah, that's how I looked checking into here

We scored the room at $100 bucks a night thanks to Priceline. I felt so out of place walking in with our trail of sand. Ha! It was fun to get to stay at a cushy hotel. I could get to use to that!

We took showers & cleaned up so we could head out & hit the town! Our hotel was right next to Seaport Village so we walked around & ate some more yummy food!

We found a delicious cupcake store & we got treats to take back to our room. Somehow I didn't get any pictures of them - they were enjoyed rather quickly. 

The inside of the cupcake shop was so cute! 

We took our time getting packed up Thursday morning. We didn't want to leave - I mean c'mon! This was our view!

But, alas, we had to head east back to AZ. We had a great fall break! I love getting to go away with my sweet little family & make memories with them!


Disneyland - Fall Break '11

We had such a great Fall Break! It was hard to get back to normal last week - I wish we were still on vacation!

California was WARM when we were there which wasn't what I was hoping for. I was so excited to get to celebrate fall & the hot temps didn't get the fall feelings  going. Oh well! 

We went to California Adventure first on Sunday morning. We were some of the first people in line but we still had to wait like 45 minutes for Toy Story Mania.

Addy & I ready to run to TSM. 

We spent the day just kinda poking around & went back to the hotel that afternoon so we could relax. We went back to hit the park & it was so much fun to see the park at night.

I loved this big Mickey head at night. He was so cute!

Monday morning, we woke up early & headed over to Goofy's Kitchen to have breakfast with him & his friends. 

I love this picture of Addy with Sleeping Beauty. She loves Aurora!

Drew was smitten with Snow White!

Especially after she gave him a kiss!

Monday afternoon, we stopped to listen to a little jazz band that was playing on Main Street. 
The kiddos LOVE to dance & they had a ball getting to shake it on Main Street. Little did we know that we were actually watching a show that involved some of their favorite characters! Addison was asked to particpate & she was thrilled!

She was asked to be in a "drum off" with Donald Duck. Donald went first & he was ok. 

Next it was Addy's turn & she so serious! She looked like she wanted to throw up - sweet, baby girl was so nervous! She did awesome & when they had everyone clap for who they thought they should win, the crowd went nuts for Addison! She beat Donald Duck & was named "The Best Drummer in Disneyland!" That made her BEAM!

Right after Addy finished, Mickey & Minnie came out to dance a bit too.

 It was so much fun to watch! It was so random that we just stopped to watch the band play & it unfolded into Addison getting to be part of the show. That is exactly why I love Disneyland - you never know when the next magical moment will just happen!

We went into Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln & Drew racked out. It was nice to get out of the heat & Addison loved getting to watch Mr. Lincoln. When we came out, there was Mickey decked out in his Halloween costume!

Tuesday was our last day in the park. We had to get a picture with the Mickey pumpkin head, of course!

Since Brother was sleeping when we met Mickey the day before, we headed back to Toon Town so he could meet the Mouse!

Yay! "Meee Mouse!" is what Drew calls his favorite Disney dude!

When we came out of Mickey's house, we hit up the Go Coaster which was Drew's first official roller coaster! This was Addison's first roller coaster 4 years ago as well! It was so fun to get to go on it as a whole family!

I just had to add this - Addison is tall enough to go on Space Mountain & she usually LOVES it but it was a little scary for Halloween. Can you even see her face? No, because it it buried into me. She closed her eyes the entire time & as soon as it was done,  she asked if we could go again. Silly girl!

After Space Mountain, we hit up Carnation Cafe to have some lunch. 

We were hot & tired of fighting the crowds so we impulsively decided to pack up & head down to San Diego! After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to pack up & head south!

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