Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Finds.

This week, the Lacy household got hit by a couple sicky bugs. First, Jason & Addison were taken down & then Momma got hit as well. Hopefully, Drew boy is in the clear. 

Drew & I got out of the house & went to Heaven on Earth, otherwise known as Target & Starbucks. 

While we were at Target, I got gutsy & bought red lipstick. Eek! Not sure if I have the guts to wear it out. When I showed it to Addy, she asked to try some on & I happily obliged. I always love the chance to get to play beauty shop with my little lady. 


I wanted to share a few finds I saw over the last week - I kinda like the idea of doing a Friday Finds. I always love seeing what new things people find on the interwebs. 

This band was on Ellen this week & they just blew me away. 5 people playing one guitar. How awesome is that?

The answer is very awesome. 


One of my favorite bloggers, Hollywood Housewife, has been sharing the journey of her faith this week. I have been anxiously checking my Google Reader to see if there is a new update from her. I am  always fascinated to hear how people come to the Lord. If you'd like to read her journey, start here.

Recently, Laura (Hollywood Housewife) actually said she would do a guest blog for bloggers as long as the host gave the prompt/topic. I so badly wanted to ask her to write about her faith but I chickened out. I know that writing about your relationship with the Lord can sometimes be raw & make you feel very vulnerable. I was so excited to hear that this was the topic she was going to share this week!


Have you ever heard of Mars Hill Church? I hadn't before I read this. My stomach literally tied itself in knots as I read. 

I have so many thoughts & opinions on this story but I will only say is that humiliation & guilt is a huge reason why people hate the "church". 

Jesus does NOT teach us to humiliate, guilt, or shame each other. 


I hope you all have fantastic weekends!



Mrs EyeCanSee said...

You should definitly wear that lipstick! It's gorgeous!

Randi said...

LOVE the lipstick!! what shade is it? and who makes it? I might be gutsy and try it...

carissa at lowercase letters said...

i think your red lipstick is so lovely. i've tried it on before and i couldn't do it. but you make me want to embrace it! : )

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