Friday, January 13, 2012

Our week: iPhone edition

This was our first week to normalcy after the holidays.  Well, as normal as we can get here in the Lacy house. 

Addy getting ready to head to school Monday morning! I love her new coat - it's so cozy & warm! They are super marked down now & I may just gab her one in the bright coral color!

Drew was all out of sorts with his nap this week so he usually fell asleep right as it was time to leave to get sis. When I slipped in to get him, I found him shirtless & with his toesies sticking out. It was one of those sweet moments I wanted to freeze time! He is at such a fun age!

I ran my longest run of 2012 & I attribute it directly to... 

...this song. Momma knows every word. Don't hate. 

Drew & I had a fun play date with our sweet friends, Elle & Rachel! We love getting to meet up with the Riaza girls! They are some of our favoritest play daters. 

I had a few extra WW points at the end of the other day so I made a nutella s'more. It was delicious! Little did I know that I had nutella all down my face. I had conversations with both my husband & daughter & neither of them said a WORD! I walked in the bathroom & saw my face in the mirror. 

Um, thanks people.

 This week was a fun mail week! I got my second birchbox

& a special delivery from Kari Beth & her darling Etsy store!

I had to add this because Drew is all about faking things right now. He snuggled up to me so J took a picture of us. He did not want to smile - he wanted to "seep" with fake snoring & all! Stinker.

Happy Friday! I get to go on a REAL date with my husband tonight. Oh, happy day!



Rachel said...

Ahh we love getting together with you both too!! I can't believe no one told you about the Nutella on your face. So wrong :)

carissa at lowercase letters said...

big willie style! i've missed that. thanks for bringing it back. : )

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