Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break - Part Uno

Ahh, Spring Break. 

I love you. I miss you. 

When we starting batting around ideas for what we wanted to do for Spring Break, we need we wanted something chill. After having Disney passes last year, we wanted to be able to hang low & kinda just "be". Do NOT get me wrong, I love me some Disney something fierce but those trips are not relaxing. Fun? Absolutely a blast! Chill? Um, no.

So where do you go to chill? The beach, or course! We found a smokin' deal on an apartment just feet from the bay. We stayed on Mission Beach & we were actually super close to the bay & "big beach". 

Friday night, Addy & I were trying on our sunnies & hats. We couldn't wait to be in CA!

Early Saturday morning, we loaded up & headed west! The trip was super easy. The kiddos watched movies on the iPad & I got to read smutty magazines while J chauffeured us to the beach. It was road trip bliss. 

(Momma is rockin' the no heat curls. Holla.)

We drove straight to El Indio & the angles sang a glorious tune. 

We filled our bellies with delicious mexican food & headed to check out digs. As soon as we were inside our apartment, the kiddos put their suits on & we headed to the WATER! It was so nice to get to stick our toes in the sand & relax. Ahhhh. 

Sunday morning, the lacyfam4 walked down to The Mission Cafe for an amazing breakfast.  We timed it perfectly & sat right down to our awesome table!

Mmm, I am craving some Mission food right now! My breakfast was the green corn tamales with a green verde sauce. Ooh, so good! Jason had the breakfast quesadilla (didn't snap a pic. I was too busy shoveling food into my mouth) & the kiddos split the strawberry banana pancakes. Their pancakes are HUGE & so good!

We walked back to our apartment along the "big beach" & had to stop to enjoy our view.  And take a picture, duh!

 We met up with my parents & headed to get groceries. Both of our units had full kitchens so we were able to eat some meals at home. SO convenient!  This Ralph's made me laugh because you had to take the escalator up with your cart. 

After we did the boring ol' grocery shopping, we hit the beach again. We love, LOVE to build sandcastles. So, we did. 

Addy & I went for a run Monday morning. I usually run inside on a treadmill & have just recently started doing my runs outside. It was amazing to get to run along the water. I would run outside every day if I lived in MB!
What do you so after you burn calories? Well, you consume more calories! Ha. We headed to Luigi's at the Beach for pizza & wings. Addison tried wings for the first time.

She was a fan.

We headed home to nap off the carbs & meet up with Mimi & Papa. Once nap time was all over, we walked along the bay to the Bahia Resort  to see the Sea Lions they have there. That was such a fun little treat! 

Up next...our day at the San Diego Zoo!



Randi said...

That makes me want to go to the beach!! Looks like tons of fun!!

Angie said...

You captured some great memories! What a fun time! I miss spring break so much, but I know we are just that much closer to a fun summer!

KERRY said...

Hi! It sounds like a really great time away!! Very relaxing and lots of yummy food :)

Brandy said...

Okay, those pancakes look awesome!

Mrs. Pedersen said...

This makes me want to pack my bags right away! I love CA! :)

Heather said...

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angelaluvnlife said...

Those are beautiful pictures where were you. Lookeed like so much fun!! Those wings looked so good :) and so hard to stay on diet without eating so many calories whilest eating things like that. Such cute pics!

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