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Spring Break - Part Dos {San Diego Zoo}

 Yeesh, its been over a month! What is my deal?! Gotta get better at posting!

Many, many moons ago, our family took a trip to the San Diego Zoo. It was actually a month ago when we were in the great state of CA for Spring Break. Jason & I debated between taking the kiddos to Sea World or the zoo. We have done Sea World before so we decided on the zoo! Such a great choice - the zoo is gorgeous!

Mimi & Papa loved the idea of going to the zoo so we made it a whole fam bam "adbenture" day!

We started our day by checking out some monkeys, naturally. 

I know I am her momma, but gosh, she is so pretty. I love her little face!

We headed over toward the Panda Trek because Mimi knew the lines can get long there. We waited maybe 5 minutes before we got to see the cute little black & white bear!

We told the kiddos that they could pick one souvenir & they both picked baby pandas! 

Holding a real elephant tusk!

We took the sky ride (SO MUCH FUN!) up to the polar bear exhibit. They were so neat to watch! If you click to make the picture strip below bigger, you can see the polar bear going for a duck. That was fun to see! (Ducky survived!)

They had a lot of fun things for the kiddos to crawl through. They loved getting to climb on this expedition helicopter!

I could not get over how long the polar bears necks were! The polar bears themselves were huge.

My favorite part of the whole zoo was getting to watch the gorillas! They were so neat to see! There was definitely a "Big Poppa" of all of them & when he came around, the others got out of his way! 

We got to see hippos! That was a ton of fun! Did you know they stay something like 23 hours a day in the water? Their stumpy little legs can't keep up with their weight so they float & swim in the water all day. We got to see a momma & her baby & the baby was nursing under water. Could you imagine?!

We had SUCH a great time at the zoo! The weather was perfect & just made the day even better!

We decided to fill our bellies with some yummy mexican food so we voted to go to Old Town Mexican Cafe. Get this -- it's a mexican cafe & its in Old Town San Diego. How easy is that to remember? Ha!

The food there is amazing - the tortillas & beans & chips & salsa & enchiladas...its all good. Everything is so, so good! I recommend it highly if you are ever in San Diego!

They had mariachi guys walking around so we had them stop & sing La Paloma. Addison thought it was the neatest thing that we were getting sung to. 

This video makes me smile - I love that you can hear my dad do the little "yi yi yi". 

I saw a few tips on another blog about going to the zoo so I thought I'd give a few as well!

  • The zoo is super hilly. Lots of up & down canyons which makes for a gorgeous atmosphere but you need to wear good shoes. I chose comfort over cuteness & I am so glad I did. My feet didn't hurt at all!
  • You can take food & drinks in. We packed our own lunch & ate under some beautiful shades trees. Saved us a lot of $$$! 
  • Take the double decker bus ride. We did it at the beginning of the day so it helped us get a feel of the layout & see what animals we really wanted to go back & see up close. 
  • It is pricey to get in but if you have the chance, go! It is a neat zoo & it absolutely gorgeous! 

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